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GAL Corporate B2B Campaign


We were asked to create a a branded campaign in support of a new product whose basic sales point was its incredible price. To support this debut we crafted an interactive trade show invitation, national print ad, trade show graphics, posts in professional areas within LinkedIn, and a product sales sheet for reps. Instead of promoting the new light curtain as simply a cheaper alternative, we represented it as being the smarter, value-oriented choice for professionals. One that offers what they’re really looking for without all the unnecessary extras they don’t need. In that way the product can stand out as the smarter, more reasonable alternative to other competitors in the marketplace—although it’s still sold at an unbelievable price. Today it’s virtually impossible for a company to “sell” a customer—instead they have to sell themselves. And the best way to do that is to provide multiple information streams using a variety of different media working in concert.

  • Categories: Advertising, Branding
  • Client: GAL Manufacturing