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Product Handling Materials


An informational brochure is both a piece that educates and one that contributes to good relations between the manufacturer, rep/distributor and end user. Ideally it not only shows how a product is used, but often it must educate the user on larger points of technique or explain why their purchase offers advantages when compared to competing devices. True, online videos can offer efficient video lessons, but bandwidth limitations or on-site connection issues can make this format impractical. And sometimes language can can create barriers that even copy-laden brochures can’t overcome. Education is vital to today’s online and print audiences, and there’s no reason why it has to be dull. When done well it can reinforce sales efforts and serve as a powerful document to spark conversation. We like to think that this is what we do well— taking data, using our experience, our eye, and then putting it in new formats that engage audiences.

  • Date: 2013
  • Categories: Branding, Collateral
  • Client: Brugg Lifting/North America